1. LogMeIn Ignition
    $1,333.99 by By LogMeIn, Inc.

    $1,400 for an app? Seriously? That's what it says on the App Store, but there's reasoning behind it. If you read the description provided by the makers of this app, you'll see that this is the legacy version that their current customers can continue to use while it's still available online.

    Brand new customers won't think twice about paying this much and are more likely to instead look into LogMeIn's subscription-based pricing, which is exactly what the company wants.

  2. VIP Black
    $999.99 by VIP Ltd.

    First of all, be aware that this very expensive app hasn't been updated since May of 2014. Nonetheless, it's still available today (at least for now) so it's worth mentioning in this list. Dubbed "the world's first premium lifestyle management app," it's made for the type of people you'd expect it to be made for: super rich people with nothing better to do than spend their money.

    The app actually requires users to confirm that they are indeed "High Net Worth Individuals" with assets and/or income of at least one million pounds. I'm guessing that if you have $1,000 to spend on a lifestyle app, then that should be sufficient enough proof that you're filthy rich.

  3. CyberTuner
    $999.99 by Reyburn Piano Service, Inc.

    CyberTuner is a professional piano tuning app that will cost you more than what many average to good electronic keyboards cost. This app has been in development for three years, including one year of vigorous testing by music experts around the world.

    Basically, if you're looking for the most sophisticated technology in piano tuning that's both easy to use and flexible enough to let you tune exactly the way you want with unbelievable accuracy, then this is the app you need. And as if the price didn't shock you enough already, users of the app will need to pay another $79.99 every year for CyberCare to get the upgrades.

  4. QSFFStats
    $999.99 by B.C. Apps

    Here's another wildly expensive app that hasn't been updated in ages (June of 2011) yet is still available to purchase for a whopping $1,000 from the App Store. Designed for flag football, this statistical app doesn't feature much to justify its enormous price tag, and you could probably achieve much of the same of what it offer with other spreadsheet/information tracking apps.

    Serious flag footballers with a lot of dough to spend at the App Store (on a totally outdated app, might I remind you) could use it to keep track of passing, receiving, yards, scores and interceptions. It was also designed to keep track of multiple lists, set games according to location, fields, dates, or times and upload a play-by-play stats report by email to be analyzed.

  5. app.Cash
    $999.99 by visiomatic

    app.Cash claims to be a "stylish cashier system for all purpose," with no extra details, other than the inclusion of the printer machine models that it apparently supports. Besides that, there's just one very lonely and bland screenshot that accompanies the minimal description.

    Is it worth one thousand bucks? Perhaps we'll never know. The app has been updated recently, so it appears that there are some users of it happily taking orders through their iPhones and printing out their receipts.

source: Elise Moreau

Everybody needs to venture to the far corners of the planet and visit the lovely destinations, yet with such a variety of spots to visit where do you begin? Here we come to you with the rundown of 10 most unimaginably super wonderful spots to visit the world over
  1. Westin Maui Resort and Spa Hawaii

    An incredible entryway with waterfalls and pools welcomes guests to this rich Kaanapali resort where the noteworthy view, amicable administration, breathtaking spa and amazing swimming pools are the highlights. The Westin Maui Resort and Spa, Ka'anapali is situated along an amazing stretch of the dazzling, white-sand Ka'anapali Beach. 

  2. Marble Caverns of Carrera Lake – Chile

    Sky blue sanctuary, Lake General Carrera in Patagonia, Chile, A characteristic ponder that could be the world's most wonderful cavern system. An Azure Temple made by nature, the dividers of this system of water-filled marble sinkholes indicate exactly how eminent the valuable topography of our planet can be.

  3. The Shahara Bridge – Yemen

    This scaffold was built in seventeenth century to interface towns at the highest points of mountains in the condition of Yemen. Shahara Bridge worked to battle against Turkish trespassers. It's a startling extension and a mainstream vacation destination. 

  4. Havasu Falls – Grand Canyon National Park

    Havasu Falls is heaven on Earth. This is a completely amazingly lovely waterfall situated in a remote ravine of Arizona. The awesome waterfalls and separated group inside the Havasupai Indian Reservation draw in a large number of guests every year. The Havasupai are personally associated with the water and the area. This blue-green water is hallowed to the Havasupai. 

  5. Arang Kel, Neelum Valley – Kashmir, Pakistan.

    A Breathtaking, Lush Green Village In Neelum Valley, Kashmir. Arranged at the slope top close Kel, around 1500 feet climb from River Neelam. It is additionally a town loaded with lovely landscapes. It is a bit of most extreme magnificence, one can discover in Kashmir. Visit Neelum Valley for Arang Kel, a value going by spot.
1. Taipei
Ranked 25th overall in the QS Best Student Cities 2015, the Taiwanese capital owes its strong affordability rating to relatively low international tuition fees (an average of US$3,800 at its eight internationally ranked universities), combined with reasonably low living costs. Ranked 61st out of 214 cities in Mercer’s Cost of Living Survey (#1 being the highest cost), Taipei is still not exactly the cheapest place on Earth to live – but if you want world-class universities and an exciting urban playground, this is a pretty good deal!
2. Mexico City
Sharing the top spot with Taipei is Mexico’s huge and fascinating capital, which claims the final place in this year’s top 50 student cities overall. Like Taipei, it has eight internationally ranked universities, at which fees for international students are just a little higher – an average of US$4,000 annually. However, overall living costs are likely to be a little lower, especially when accommodation is considered. Mexico City comes 150th in the Mercer Cost of Living Survey, 89 places lower than its East Asian counterpart.
3. Berlin
Germany is one of the world’s most popular study destinations – now hosting more international students than any nation other than the US and UK – so it may be surprising to find its trendy federal capital listed among the most affordable cities for students. However, as across the rest of Germany, public universities in Berlin offer education free of charge, for both local and international students. Berlin’s general cost of living is also much lower than you might expect; at 68th in the Mercer survey, it’s well below most other Western European capitals.
4. Vienna
Tied with Berlin is the culturally rich capital of Germany’s south-eastern neighbor Austria. Higher education in Austria is free for EU students, with very modest fees charged to those from non-EU countries. Based on the two internationally ranked universities in Vienna, you can expect to pay around US$500 per year. Living costs are a little higher – Vienna comes 32nd out of 214 in the Mercer Cost of Living Survey – but still lower than in many of the world’s other top student cities. For a snapshot of daily costs, The Economist’s Big Mac Index puts the cost of a Big Mac at US$4.56 in Vienna, compared to $5.25 in Paris, for instance.
5. Munich
A second highly attractive choice for those keen to study in Germany, Munich again offers the added bonus of higher education minus the tuition fees. Compared to Berlin, local living costs are likely to be a little higher in this affluent Bavarian hub of finance, football and the world-famous beer festival, Oktoberfest. But thanks to the absence of fees, Munich is still well up there among the most affordable cities for students – as well as being one of the most happening places to study in Germany.
The following list showcases our pick of best free apps from iTunes. Most of these apps are suitable for iPhone and iPod touch.

1. Facebook
The world's biggest social network brings a tightly honed experience to the iPhone and iPod touch, but nonetheless still enables you to access your contacts, feeds and other important information. This sense of focus makes it in many ways superior to using Facebook in a desktop browser.

2. PhotoSynth
We did a bit of a double-take on seeing Microsoft's name attached to this, not least given the lack of a price-tag. But PhotoSynth is a really great panorama app; it's user-friendly and fun to use, especially when watching your panoramas take shape while you capture them. (The iOS Camera app also has a panorama mode, but PhotoSynth's more flexible and works with older devices.)

3. RunKeeper
The prospect of Nike+ but better and for free might sound unlikely, but that's what RunKeeper provides. Previously split into 'pro' and 'free' versions, the developer now generously includes all the features in one free app.

That means you can spend no money, yet use your iPhone's GPS capabilities to track your jogging and cycling routes, and examine mapping and details of your pace and calories burned. Activities can be shared online, and treadmill runs and other exercise details can be entered manually.

4. LinkedIn Pulse
RSS has a reputation for being a rather dry technology, feeding you dull lists of headlines. Pulse flips RSS on its head, providing streams of feeds that grab your eye with photographs. It's perhaps not for the hardcore RSS crowd, but if you follow a small number of feeds, it's a great choice.

5. DropBox
Plenty of apps exist for transferring content between your computer and your device, but Dropbox is free and easier to use than most of its contemporaries. Dump files you want to sync in a folder on your computer and Dropbox for your device will enable you to access them, download them for offline viewing, and, in many cases, view them.
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Widely considered one of the most beautiful women alive, Halle shifted her look mid 2000’s and had some work done. It is pretty subtle but there is noticeable difference between early Halle and new Halle.
(photo credit: bigstock)
This Hollywood babe was known for her famous mother and megawatt smile. Remember the yellow dress she wore in “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”? Well, if she put it on now, she would have filled it out much better. There was scandal a few years ago when she went on vacation and was wearing a bikini top that was substantially larger. We personally think she looks great and are glad she didn’t go the porn star route.
(photo credit: bigstock)
It is hard to remember that in a past life Nicole was Paris Hilton’s equally ditzy sidekick. If you also remember correctly, Nicole was flat as a board. Can you have a growth spurt in your 20’s? We have got to admit though that she is looking beautiful now that she is happily married to Joel Madden and has two beautiful children, Harlow and Sparrow.
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Over the past few years we have seen Christina’s weight go up and down on “The Voice.” One thing that has remained is her ample bosom. Since her music video “Dirrty,” Christina went from a flat Disney princess to an outright sexy star with moves to rival her vocals.
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With her sisters refusing to admit they have had work done, Kourtney is a breath of fresh air. She has always been quite open about her boobs. She always looks amazing in bikinis and all her clothing. Her breasts help create the famous Kardashian hourglass shape. Also good to know that you can breast feed with implants.
(photo credit: bigstock)
This Playboy model and beach babe on the television series “Baywatch” admits to having a boob job and implanting double D’s. Later she admitted that maybe she did not need to go so large but if we are all honest, I think we can agree that her career is not solely based off her talent as an actress.
(photo credit: bigstock)
Showing off discount plastic surgery has become a profession for Tara Reid over the past few years (which is probably good seeing she has not been getting work acting for ages- not including Sharknado of course). If you look at her pictures over the years, you can definitely see a difference in her curvaceous shape. In case you were still unsure if they are not real, Tara has admitted to having them done- we are shocked! In addition to having her breasts done, she has admitted to having undergone liposuction procedures as well. If you have seen her bikini pictures, you know what we are talking about.